Atlantic Forest

Biome where Instituto Perene was born and where part of the roots of what we planted with our projects are.

The Atlantic Forest covers about 13% of the national territory, a percentage that represents only 12% of its original composition. With the historic deforestation process, there are no longer large continuous areas in the Atlantic Forest, but there are forest fragments in 17 Brazilian states in the South, Southeast and Northeast regions. 

The richness of this biome can be measured by evaluating that, even with the aggressiveness of human inference, it still harbors about 35% of the plant species existing in Brazil. This wealth is greater than that of some continents, one of the reasons that makes the Atlantic Forest one of UNESCO's Biosphere Reserves. The Atlantic Forest is the birthplace of waters and plays a fundamental role in the country's economy. In this biome are located basins that serve from river navigation, such as the Tietê River, and also rivers that are a source for the generation of electric energy, such as the Paraná River, where the Itaipu Power Plant is located.

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The Atlantic Forest was the target of Instituto Perene's first environmental conservation project. Since 2006, the Paraguaçu Reserve, an area of the Institute in the Maragogipe region (BA), has been the basis for the preparation of seedlings for the recovery of degraded areas. Get to know the Instituto Perene projects focused on the conservation of the Atlantic Forest: Stoves of the Sea and Stoves + Efficients.