Fercal Value - Productive Community

In the Fercal Administrative Region, in the Federal District, the Perene Institute started in 2022 a project aimed at socio-environmental development in the region, based on productive wealth that can be transformed into a source of income for the local community. 

A feasibility study carried out identified meliponiculture as a great potential ready to be strengthened in this first moment and in a second moment, the project may also turn its attention to medicinal plants and unconventional food plants (Pancs).

The project will be developed through courses, training, demonstration activities and the elaboration of a participatory business plan. All actions are developed with the direct participation of leaders of local associations and the protagonism in the execution is also guaranteed to the communities. 

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Valor Fercal – Productive Community is carried out through a District Parliamentary Amendment by deputy Leandro Grass (PV), with the monitoring of the Environment Department of the Federal District (Sema/DF).